Virtual conference on September 15th 2022

Data, AI and Public Sector Governance

The conference will bring together researchers, public sector authorities and experts in the field of data and AI. The idea of conference is to open up avenues for sharing research based accounts on how to develop responsible public sector governance in the digital era, distribute good practices and give sparks for developing and discussing on administrative practices in localizable way. We hope to have participants all over the globe! Click here for to access the conference website.

Panel and workshop topics include:

  • AI governance – To whom are the AI systems being developed?
  • Data literacy – What do we need to know about data and AI in order to develop responsible systems and applications for governance?
  • Privacy and anonymity – How can sensitive data be used while ensuring privacy of the data subjects?
  • Civic engagement – How to ensure AI systems are inclusive, equitable and accountable?
  • Ethics for Artificial Intelligence – how the UNESCO Recommendation can be put in place in public sector governance by developing monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, policy frameworks and regulatory approaches?
  • Sustainability – Can AI help in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals?
  • Datawork – How is data made? Who does the data work for? What resources does data work require?

For more information and schedule for the event, click here.

Conference is arranged by DataLit, University of Helsinki and FCAI in partnership with UNITAR, and together with ETAIROS and other prominent researchers and research groups from Finland.